The Kobie Chronicles would like to wish all men and fathers who are raising and providing examples of quality manhood to children, young adults and one another, a very Happy Father’s Day.

We invited fathers to participate in our Fatherhood Photo Contest a few weeks ago. Today is the day we celebrate the winners of this contest and countless others. The winners of our #tofatherhood photo contest are….

Because here’s the point: to the extent that men become better fathers, children will do better in schools that aim to serve them; children will feel better about themselves and will be better prepared for productive lives; fewer children will become entangled in the criminal justice system, meaning that fewer of our people will go to jail; more children grow up to create healthier unions; we stabilize the economics and safety of all neighborhoods, and lastly, we increase the talent pool for American industry.

Responsible men and fathers play an invaluable role in advancing and shaping their children, communities and humanity. 

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fatherhood photo contest


tofatherhood photo contest









tofatherhood photo contest


tofatherhood photo contest









Many thanks to all who participated, along with Walker Wear and I Am Dad for acknowledging the invaluable role men and responsible fathers play in advancing and shaping their children, communities and humanity.

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