Andre Royo wants his daughter to be a good person.

Andre Royo of The Wire

Actor, Andre Royo, wants his daughter to be a good person.

Stories of absent fathers have become commonplace in the narrative of the Black community. While there’s a tendency to avoid consistent conversations about the real reasons why so many men are absent from their children’s lives, even more damaging are the limited opportunities to provide examples of fathers who foster high quality relationships with their children and families in ways that positively impact our community.

Andre Royo & his daughter

Andre Royo & his daughter, Stella, enjoy a stroll.

We caught up with Actor, Andre Royo -best known for his portrayal of the character, “Bubbles” on The Wire – and his teenage daughter during a sunny day in Los Angeles, California. His daughter describes him as “a role model” who is “a friend and your family”.  Andre compares being a good father to listening, as in acting. All-and-all, Royo explains, “at the end of the day in my heart, I want my daughter to be a good person!”

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Andre Royo from The Kobie Chronicles. on Vimeo.

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FROM FATHERLESS TO FATHERHOOD – Trailer from The Kobie Chronicles. on Vimeo.


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